The Significance of Keeping Your Gas Tank Full During the Winter

Why is it so important to have a full tank of gas during the winter time? The right answer, in this case, is because of the many days of freezing temperatures that we frequently during the months. When a car sits in freezing temperatures with a tank that is empty, moisture develops in that empty portion and when this moisture mixes with freezing temperatures, an inopportune freezing of the fuel tank happens.

It’s a problem when this occurs because when you try to start your car, it doesn’t want to turn over. The reason being is that when a blockage from the gas tank to the engine is a fact, the gas fails to reach the engine and that engine needs that gas in order to run. Gas has a low freezing point. This point is so low that we shall never experience such temperature as mother nature doesn’t allow such to develop here on planet earth.

This gas tank issue is a message that is frequently stressed by the mechanics here at Prime Acura. Call if you have any questions about your vehicle in the Westwood, MA area!

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