Once you've found the new Acura MDX or TLX that best fits your needs and preferences, you have three payment methods to choose from. If you don't plan on paying for the whole vehicle up front, that leaves the two most popular options—financing or leasing. But which one is the right method for you? To assist you in your consideration, here's a quick overview of their distinguishing attributes.

To briefly summarize, the primary distinction between leasing and financing is ownership. With financing, you pay down a balance and will own the title outright after the final installment. And with a lease, you are paying to use the vehicle for a predetermined number of months, most commonly 36.

What's the difference between leasing and financing?


Many Needham and Natick drivers may find some benefits to leasing that make it a more desirable option compared to financing. For instance, thanks to generally lower monthly payments and less sales tax (Massachusetts charges tax only on monthly payments, not the whole vehicle), leasing usually costs less than financing over a three-year period. And leasing's shorter time frame allows drivers to upgrade sooner and enjoy the latest Acura amenities and technologies more often.

However, leasing has a few restrictions that are important to consider before signing a contract. The most notable of these are yearly mileage limits and lessees not being permitted to modify the vehicle. Additionally, lessees are responsible for damage beyond "normal wear and tear," but there are coverage options available to mitigate unforeseen costs.

At the end of the lease you can upgrade to a new model, purchase the leased vehicle by transitioning to a loan, or simply return it and walk away. By selecting either of the first two options, you can waive the $350 disposition (turn-in) fee.


A loan typically involves higher monthly payments and a longer commitment. Additionally, sales tax is levied on the vehicle's full price and, in Massachusetts, is due by the 20th day of the month following the purchase. However, you will own the vehicle's title outright after the last payment. Furthermore, you can modify the vehicle to your liking and sell it at any time, and there are no mileage limits.

Finance or lease a new Acura near Dedham and Norwood

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